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Brief description of the difference between Green Leaf Stevia Powder and the “white powder” that you find in a health food store. As told by the Certified Organic Farmer who has grown Green Leaf Stevia for over 8 years. Cindy’s website is For free recipes and more info check out http
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  1. I tried to order from your sight. My card was declined even though all my info and the numbers and expiration date and that CV number were correct. Evidently you don’t take debit cards. Nothing I can do about it. Bought product from another organic source. Sorry.

  2. I bought s pound of this stuff and used it in some oat meal. It was so nasty tasting I couldn’t eat it. How do I use green powdered Stevia???

  3. T,H,E. Outlaw Dear one anything Hybrid is far from nature’s Real thing I stay away from Everything hybrid. It’s no good. . You may want to research the topic no offense intended.

  4. so you would say the processing is really bad? chemicals? I am using a certified organic stevia in powderform. (now foods), though I also would also a little crop of stevia in the garden in summer, and just pick a few fresh leaves for each cup . just a tip for the peoples with that ability! 

  5. Lizkin,

    Our raw Green Stevia Leaf Powder is basically like a ‘tea leaf’. One teaspoon of our Green Stevia equals the sweetness of about a cup of sugar. Place one teaspoon of our Green Stevia in a cup of water(hot or cold which ever you prefer) and allow to ‘steep’ for 30 minutes or over night. This creates the liquid sweetener you’re looking for.

    Using hot water your stevia will steep quicker than if you just put it into cold water. You can use the liquid in recipes or drinks.

  6. I also do that. I buy organic dried stevia leaves and i grind them into powder and store them in an airtight glass container. It’s pretty cheap too. A bag of leaves (100grams) lasts me about half a year cause it’s so sweet.

  7. We may be doing this in the near future, however we’re not quite sure as of yet. Thanks for the idea.

  8. The one I buy is 100% natural.. organic.. I buy the white powder stevia.Today, I ordered the green powder stevia and will give it a try. ^^

  9. Thank you for making this video. I like green stevia but carry packets of Purevia in my purse for on the go coffee. Is there a better source of “travel friendly” stevia?

  10. “truvia has erythritol which is natural sugar alcohol.”

    There’s nothing natural about a “natural” sugar alcohol derived from GMO corn. You really need to do your research on Truvia and its parent company Cargill. Cargill’s corn is GMO. Truvia isn’t stevia. It’s corn sugar with a miniscule amount of a SINGLE stevioside added so they can legally advertise it as “made from stevia”.

  11. “hybrids like truvia are the best”

    Google “The Truvia Deception” and I guarantee you’ll be saying otherwise.

  12. Good info, but not all white stevia powders are the same. Stevita brand uses water – and nothing else – in its extraction process. And it uses 5% xylitol – a perfectly-safe sugar alcohol – as a bulking agent. I’ve never had any issues with Stevita. Now Truvia and PureVia? Those are faux stevia products which are 99% erythritol , with the rest of the products being a SINGLE stevioside – Rebiana/Reb-A – extracted using ethanol and/or methanol.

    I have no qualms using Stevita. But good info, anyway

  13. All of this is true but I don’t think the extract is supposed to have (or is marketed for) health benefits in and of itself, just offer an alternative to the negative aspects of sugar. So, relative to sugar it is healthier. If one wants more actual nutrients from stevia you should definately go for the whole, raw leaf.

  14. It’s not green to begin with. The pure glucosides are white all along but dissolved in the green leaf tissues, they are separated from the leaf and when they are dried they take on a powder form. The extraction method is very very basic and no unhealthy chemicals need to be used. There’s more than one way to extract them though, so if you’re concerned ask how they do it before buying. Also keep in mind that other additives may be added to the finished product! Always check the contents.

  15. WARNING STEVIA IS A MUTAGEN :WICH MUTATES OUR CELLS AS IT COMES IN CONTACT WITH THEM..STEVIA IS A HYBRID PLANT NOT WILD OR NATURAL STAY AWAY PLEASE..LOOK IT UP……!Hybrid plants are plants produced by impregnating the pistil of one species with the pollen of another.It’s not natural plant found in nature it was created by this prosses.

  16. Compliments brand stevia powder, it’s a store brand from the Sobey’s grocery chain. Here in Canada

  17. I’m not trying to get into this, but if you live in the US companies are allowed to leave out some ingredients if there is only a small amount. In Canada you have to list EVERYTHING…we get some stuff from the US that has stickers over the original ingredients list that adds things. Just a passing thought.

  18. WHITE STEVIA POWDER is overprossed and essentially becomes a chemical when it’s made white. some white Stevie powerts even inlclude ASPARTAME ADDED to it’s formula, os if you are trying to avoid aspartame why use a white steiva poweder when some of them have Aspartame or Splenda added?

  19. Have you ever tried Suede Hills Green Leaf Stevia powder? We cannot speak for green stevia grown in China or other parts of the world, but our Green Leaf Stevia does not taste like bittersweet cardboard! I encourage you to try our Green Leaf Stevia and taste for yourself!

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